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Oftentimes people need things for a short period of time and don't want to buy something new for  short-time use, can't afford to, or want to be environmentally-minded and shop less.

How might we help people borrow and lend things easily and effectively in their community?


The application provides  people the option to both lend items that are not in use, and to borrow items in an easy and effective manner, all in one platform. In addition, the app is geared towards communal use, wherein users can connect to people in their communities and help each other.




We  found  that people that needed things temporarily have few options to get items, and  faced limitations, such as: ineffective and bureaucratic processes; long waiting time to borrow items; and a lack of availability within a close proximity. 

Content Based Design Course project

Scope: Content Based Design Course project

Concept, Research, Visual identity

Role in team:

One Semester


Figma, Adobe After Effects


Scope: Interactive Design Course

Role: Concept, Wireframes, Prototype

Duration: Five weeks

Tools: Figma


Borrowit is an app that helps people lend and borrow things easily and effectively, all in one platform. The vision of the app is inspired by Gmachim, where people can borrow things they need and return them once they are done. The app is geared towards people who don’t have extra space to store unnecessary items that are used sporadically, or don’t want to spend money on things, and would prefer to borrow from people in their community, making sustainability-friendly choices.


Hobbes et Belleville En Bio







Produced at Leslie David Studio


Brand identity and 3D wall sculpture for a restaurant and organic market in Belleville, Paris

We, as people, have become accustomed to a life full of practicalities, consumption and shortcuts. But we know (or care) little about the irreversible implications our behaviors have on our planet and our health.

How might we help people develop awareness on the damage of using everyday products unsustainably? 


We aimed to provide awareness on the global effects the products we consume everyday by engaging the user through an interactive and visually appealing platform, raising curiosity through concise and evocative visual language and by providing clear and relevant data about each item's effects throughout its life cycle.




We identified a real lack of awareness and education on the impact our behaviors have on the planet and on our lives. Part of the impact is caused by the daily use of disposable household products.

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Next project

EVENTUALLY //      Digital, web design

  1. We mapped the available solutions for borrowing and lending. Then, we interviewed relevant communities who use those services regularly, and user surveys to get a broader perspective. We analyzed the available borrowing and lending online platforms to understand the conventional structures, and to map the tools and aspects that could be applicable to our platform and summarized our findings and marked the aspects we could incorporate into our platform for better solutions.

With our findings we brainstormed possible solutions, tools and features we would like our app to have in order to improve the available borrowing/lending services, and to create an interface that could cater to different types of people.  We started doing quick sketches, corrections and additions and tested them along the way.



We wanted to give the app a fresh and appealing look that would be both simple and easy to navigate for any audience. We checked various references, patterns, colors, and typographic combinations to get the impact we desired.

We finalized the structure and design of the app and concentrated them into the most relevant and useful activities: lending and borrowing items easily in one place, effectively browsing for available items in the area, Easy and smooth transactions between lender and borrower. 

We were satisfied with the results we achieved in the limited time. We do believe that this is just the beginning for the app, and a little taste of the potential it could have. We hope in the future that we can develop it, expand its abilities, and form a complex system to cater to all the needs  a platform of this nature would require.



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EVENTUALLY //      Digital, web design

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