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Jewish food is full of history, depth, and diversity. But it's much more than just food, it represents a nation scattered and reunited, and it is full of all manner of stories and backgrounds.

How might we tell the deep and complex story of Jewish food from a human perspective?


I aimed to create a platform where people could learn about Jewish food from the perspective of the memories and stories surrounding those foods, since a big part of the uniqueness and depth of Jewish food is precisely that—its stories and the people making it for generations.




I noticed that there is no available database to preserve valuable stories and memories pertaining to Jewish food from a more personal perspective.

Content Based Design Course project

Scope: Content Based Design Course project

Concept, Research, Visual identity

Role in team:

One Semester


Figma, Adobe After Effects


Scope: Graduating Thesis Project

Role in team: Concept, Research, Visual identity

Duration: One Semester

Tools: Figma, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects

The Set Table

The Set Table is an interactive index that presents meaningful Jewish dishes from various countries and ethnicities, with an emphasis on the stories and memories of each dish in an informative, yet personal and intimate context. Through the index, one can explore and deep dive into each dish and into its history and memories, in an engaging manner.


Hobbes et Belleville En Bio







Produced at Leslie David Studio


Brand identity and 3D wall sculpture for a restaurant and organic market in Belleville, Paris

We, as people, have become accustomed to a life full of practicalities, consumption and shortcuts. But we know (or care) little about the irreversible implications our behaviors have on our planet and our health.

How might we help people develop awareness on the damage of using everyday products unsustainably? 


We aimed to provide awareness on the global effects the products we consume everyday by engaging the user through an interactive and visually appealing platform, raising curiosity through concise and evocative visual language and by providing clear and relevant data about each item's effects throughout its life cycle.




We identified a real lack of awareness and education on the impact our behaviors have on the planet and on our lives. Part of the impact is caused by the daily use of disposable household products.

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Next project

EVENTUALLY //      Digital, web design

I researched all the available platforms that focus on Jewish food and Jewish history, and mapped the aspects I could incorporate into my concept, and any missing elements that I could include. I looked into various books on Jewish food history to gain a deeper understanding of the subject, and interviewed people around me for a better sense of how people relate to Jewish food.

From my findings, I mapped the main aspects I wanted to include in the platform. Then, I arranged the data into different categories and forms of navigation in which to sort the dishes. Next, I focused on ideating a way to present the dishes in both an informative manner, but also through the stories of real people. 



My aim was to keep the visual identity of the index neutral enough to keep the primary focus on the dishes, the memories and the information. I wanted to create a clean space that was easy to navigate and explore, that still created a surprising and deep experience for the user.

This project is very close to my heart. Jewish food has always been a passion for me, and so it was an exploration of how to incorporate tangible aspects, such as foods, colors, and sensations, with more personal aspects like memories and emotions, into an interactive index. My mission was to tell the story of Jewish food in a more personal and human way, and I am very satisfied with the results. In the future, I would further explore the visual identity of the index, and would focus on better defining the experience.



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EVENTUALLY //      Digital, web design

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