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Our lives are filled with social events, and yet, it is not always easy to get organized and stay on top of them or to get people on board—and that can take away from the enjoyment of the event.

How might we help people organize small events with their closest circle in an easy, sociable, and intuitive way?


The app is an informal option to get organized with friends and have the ability to share, create and do, easily and simply. The initial features we wanted to incorporate were: creating, planning, organizing events and assigning materials to various users and sharing and co-creating material available to all participants.




We noticed that not every person who orchestrates an event has the necessary skills to organize  the event, and that often diminishes the social aspect and fun of it.

Content Based Design Course project

Scope: Content Based Design Course project

Concept, Research, Visual identity

Role in team:

One Semester


Figma, Adobe After Effects


Scope: Interactive Design Course

Role: Concept, Design, Visual identity

Duration: Three weeks

Tools: Figma, Adobe Photoshop


Eventually is a small event organizing app that focuses on helping people to arrange and manage small events and get-togethers in an easy and organized (but fun and sociable) way. The app is geared towards people who want to manage gatherings with friends, yet don’t necessarily want to deal with the more complex event-management solutions. 


Hobbes et Belleville En Bio







Produced at Leslie David Studio


Brand identity and 3D wall sculpture for a restaurant and organic market in Belleville, Paris

We, as people, have become accustomed to a life full of practicalities, consumption and shortcuts. But we know (or care) little about the irreversible implications our behaviors have on our planet and our health.

How might we help people develop awareness on the damage of using everyday products unsustainably? 


We aimed to provide awareness on the global effects the products we consume everyday by engaging the user through an interactive and visually appealing platform, raising curiosity through concise and evocative visual language and by providing clear and relevant data about each item's effects throughout its life cycle.




We identified a real lack of awareness and education on the impact our behaviors have on the planet and on our lives. Part of the impact is caused by the daily use of disposable household products.

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Next project

EVENTUALLY //      Digital, web design

We identified the main challenges we believed to be involved in event planning. We also interviewed friends and family members to get a broader perspective on those difficulties. Then we researched and analyzed the available event-planning platforms to understand the conventional structures, and to map the tools and aspects they were missing.

With our findings from the app’s analysis, we brainstormed possible solutions to the challenges found, and other additions we thought could make the app better and different.  Following that, we did quick sketches, corrections, and additions, and tested them along the way.



We wanted to give a fun, young and easy-to-navigate atmosphere to the user to make the experience more pleasant and dynamic. We checked various references, patterns,  colors, and typographic combinations to get the youthful tone we desired.

We finalized the structure and design of the app, and concentrated them into the most relevant and useful activities: managing events in one place, inviting friends and co-hosting events, creating, choosing and assigning tasks and sharing  content with all participants 


Finally, we felt we were able to create an interface that was playful and dynamic, while still providing practical tools for creating events. We felt we achieved our goal in simplifying event planning and creating an easy-to-learn and young-looking interface.



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EVENTUALLY //      Digital, web design

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